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Energy Management, Surge Protectors, Audio Systems

Ayer Electric utilizes the highest quality, affordable electric products offering increased comfort, energy efficiency and safety in your business or industrial facility. These electrical products/energy efficiency products have been tried, tested and remain true to Ayer Electric’s Milwaukee electricians. Ayer Electric carefully selects energy products around our customer’s needs, whether you’re seeking a custom-designed audio system for your Wisconsin business or the identical light switch the Queen of England flips to brighten her day.

Maxivolt Commercial, Industrial & Residential Surge Protectors

Maxivolt Surge Protector

Maxivolt creates custom surge protectors for homes and businesses. Maxivolt surge protection specialists work closely with clients to develop cost effective surge suppression units to protect their profit generating production machinery or other valued electrical circuitry.  Maxivolt surge protectors are manufactured in the USA.

Maxivolt Industrial Surge Protectors

Maxivolt was founded upon our clients’ growing demand for industrial surge protectors providing protection for industrial equipment operating on three phase power sources. Maxivolt three phase industrial surge protectors keep your machinery running safely without compromising performance. Maxivolt industrial surge suppressors protect all your industrial equipment, from 12 VDC CNC machinery controls to sophisticated motor control centers (MCC). Maxivolt industrial surge protectors don’t depend on equipment grounding conductors, and thus do not produce the humming “fuzzy” sound associated with other MCC surge protectors.  Maxivolt saves our clients money by protecting electrical business equipment against downtime, failure, and repair while providing a longer service life.

Maxivolt Home Power Surge Protectors

With the average U.S. homeowner investing over $6000 in climate control, $4800 in home appliances and $3200 in household electronics, utilizing a home surge protector in Wisconsin is a fantastic investment. A Maxivolt home surge suppressor can pay for itself in just one power surge or spike.

Maxivolt Commercial Surge Protectors

Commercial businesses invest heavily in computers and other electrical equipment. Downtime caused by an electrical spike, surge or other malfunction results in wasted labor, decreased production, and lost revenue.  Maxivolt surge protectors are a great way to avoid these costs along with repair and replacement expenses.

Contact our Milwaukee electrical contractors at 262-628-4055 for the best value in Wisconsin electrical services.

Milwaukee Electrical Contractor Info:

Curt Ayer is a Milwaukee electrical contractor possessing certifications from the following State of Wisconsin Licensing Departments:

  • Master Electrician
  • Commercial Electrical Inspector

These certifications allow Ayer Electric to obtain both electrical and building permits for our projects. Our full time employees are all qualified as project supervisors, and can handle any type of project from 2 hours to 2 years in length.

Our focus is finding ways to make existing installations perform to their maximum capacity for the building owner, maintaining electrical systems to obtain greater longevity and helping our customers plan for their future needs. Ayer Electric specializes in providing top-notch Milwaukee surge protection services.

Milwaukee Commercial Electrical Services:

  • Commercial Property Electrical System Maintenance and Repairs
  • Commercial & Retail Electrical Wiring 

Milwaukee Industrial Electrical Services:

  • Industrial Wiring
  • Industrial Machine Wiring


Maxivolt Surge Protectors

The Maxivolt three phase industrial surge protectors keep your machinery on three phase power sources running and performing optimally. Maxivolt commercial, industrial and residential surge protectors are handmade in Amarillo, Texas. Contact Ayer Electric for more information on Maxivolt industrial surge protection units.

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