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Meet Our Wisconsin Electricians

Milwaukee Electrical Contractor Business History

Ayer Electric was founded in January of 2005 by Curt and De Anna Ayer. Having worked in Milwaukee electrical contracting since 1984, Curt and De Anna together had a wealth of experience in the internal and external operations of a contracting business. Curt and De Anna also established relationships with many associates in the industry, creating a broad group of resources to provide energy solutions to the unique challenges a service and repair company encounters on a daily basis.

Curt is a Milwaukee electrician with the following Wisconsin electrical certifications:

  • Master Electrician
  • Commercial Electrical Inspector

These certifications allow Ayer Electric to obtain all applicable Wisconsin electrical and building permits for our projects.

Our full time Milwaukee electricians are qualified as project supervisors, able to handle repairs, maintenance, and complex electrical installations.

We develop long term, trusting relationships with our customers, transforming them into business partners with a shared goal of mutual success. In this regard, we focus on saving our clients time and money while creating safe, reliable electrical installations. We optimize existing electrical installations to peak energy efficiency, saving building owners the most money on their electrical bills. We maintain electrical systems to ensure longevity, avoiding repair and replacement costs down the road. If trouble strikes, our Milwaukee electricians perform expert repairs with quality tools and components, performing effectively under pressure get our clients back to their daily lives.

Our Milwaukee electricians offer the following services:

Electrical System Maintenance and Repairs

Our Milwaukee electricians restore, repair, and maintain electrical systems in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington, and Ozaukee Counties.  Ayer Electric  will diagnose and address any electrical problems you may be experiencing

Retail & Commercial Electrical Wiring

Ayer Electric provides optimal wiring and lighting systems to both industrial and commercial facilities.  Our Milwaukee electricians will ensure you have enough electrical outlets and lighting fixtures to meet your needs.  Our electrical installations are reliable and effective.

Machine Wiring for Wisconsin Businesses

Ayer Electric specializes in providing industrial wiring solutions for businesses.  We’ll configure all types of industrial automation equipment using safest practices to enhance your businesses productivity. 

Building Lights – Commercial and Industrial Lighting

Our Milwaukee electricians provide indoor and outdoor lighting for Wisconsin businesses. We’ll even asses your energy expenditures and discover the greatest opportunities for savings.

Contact Milwaukee electricians from Ayer Electric today to receive your own cost and energy effienct electrical solution.

Milwaukee Electrical Contractor Info:

Curt Ayer is a Milwaukee electrical contractor possessing certifications from the following State of Wisconsin Licensing Departments:

  • Master Electrician
  • Commercial Electrical Inspector

These certifications allow Ayer Electric to obtain both electrical and building permits for our projects. Our full time employees are all qualified as project supervisors, and can handle any type of project from 2 hours to 2 years in length.

Our focus is finding ways to make existing installations perform to their maximum capacity for the building owner, maintaining electrical systems to obtain greater longevity and helping our customers plan for their future needs. Ayer Electric specializes in providing top-notch Milwaukee surge protection services.

Milwaukee Commercial Electrical Services:

  • Commercial Property Electrical System Maintenance and Repairs
  • Commercial & Retail Electrical Wiring 

Milwaukee Industrial Electrical Services:

  • Industrial Wiring
  • Industrial Machine Wiring


Maxivolt Surge Protectors

The Maxivolt three phase industrial surge protectors keep your machinery on three phase power sources running and performing optimally. Maxivolt commercial, industrial and residential surge protectors are handmade in Amarillo, Texas. Contact Ayer Electric for more information on Maxivolt industrial surge protection units.

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