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Maxivolt Surge Protector Series

Maxivolt Surge Protectors

Benefits & Advantages of Maxivolt Surge Protectors

Maxivolt is a company dedicated to manufacturing surge protection products giving you peace of mind.  Maxivolt surge protectors offer unbeatable performance with over 20 years of proven reliability, hassle free warranties, no ground safety-fused connections and are handmade with American craftsmanship.  Ayer Contractors wouldn’t consider using any lesser quality of surge protector than Maxivolt.

20 Year Proven Reliability  

Explosion Proof

Full Function Indicator

The Right Surge Protector for the Right Equipment

Hassle Free Warranty

Maxivolt MV Series Surge Protector

 Maxivolt MV Series Surge Protector

The MV Series surge protector is engineered to withstand the erratic electrical environments of manufacturing facilities.  The MV Series surge protectors feature hybrid circuits built with high quality components, safety fusing, means of indication, and a non-conductive, corrosion resistant enclosure.  The manufacturing and testing processes are just as crucial to MVC as the surge protector’s design.  Each MV Series surge protector is hand made in American and subjected to a meticulous, nine step testing procedure before being shipped.  The MV Series surge protectors include seven products, engineered to provide the most reliable protection against voltage spikes and surges available for 120 VAC to 600 VAC electrical systems.  The MV 600P surge protectors improve the line, filling a void in the Canadian market, where 600 volts systems are common. 

Maxivolt MV Surge Protector Typical Applications Benefits


MV 100

MV 200


Main Panels

  • Sub panels
  • Lighting panels
  • Remotely located equipment
  • Protects electrical/electronic equipment from all voltage spikes/surges
  • Reduce electrical maintenance
  • Extends equipment life


MV 200 N


Main Panels

  • Sub panels
  • 120/240 ∆ Systems


MV 400


Lighting Panels

  • 277/480 Wye Systems
  • Subdues voltage spikes/surges
  • Increases lamp/ballast life


Maxivolt ICP Series Surge Protector

Maxivolt ICP Series Surge Protector

The Maxivolt ICP Series surge protector was developed from a customer’s request.  MVC developed the ICP surge protector to protect the rapidly growing automation applications market with top performance and maximum flexibility in achieving different customers’ needs.  ICP stands for “individual circuit protector.”  An eight pin base is used to install an ICP.  This allows for ease of installation and replacement.  The base easily attaches to a DIN rail making for a nice, clean installation.  Available for AC or DC systems, in series or parallel configurations, the ICP is ideal for protecting critical electrical system components.  A series unit will take equipment offline if the ICP is expended.  A parallel unit will continue to allow power to equipment if it is expended.  The ICP Series surge protector provides the most reliable protection against voltage spikes and surges available for 12 VAC to 120 VAC electrical systems. The Like all MVC products, alarm pins are standard, the ICP uses a fused for safety hybrid circuit, and is handmade and tested for quality in America.

Maxivolt ICP Surge Protector Typical Applications Benefits


ICP 110

ICP 110S


  • AC controls
  • Individual circuits
  • Instrumentation
  • Protects electrical/electronic equipment from all spikes/surges
  • Helps prevent erroneous data
  • Reduces electrical maintenance
  • Extends equipment life





  • DC controls
  • Individual circuits
  • Instrumentation


Maxivolt WS Series Surge Protector

Maxivolt WS Series Surge Protector

A customer’s request spurred the development of The Maxivolt WS Series surge protector.  MVC engineers set out to develop a SAFE and reliable product line to ensure long run times on medium voltage motors.  WS stands for “white shield” as these units shield motors from damaging voltage spikes and surges.  Like all MVC products, WS Series surge protectors feature patented hybrid circuits, high quality components, safety fusing, means of indication, and a corrosion resistant, non-conducive enclosure.    Considering the prices of motor rewind and replacement, it is easy to see why the WS Series surge protector is so popular among our customers.  The WS Series surge protector provides the most reliable protection against voltage spikes and surges available for 1500 VAC to 4160 VAC electrical systems.  MVC produces custom WS surge protectors.  Our engineers can dictate clamping voltages in the manufacturing process.  Therefore, MVC can build WS Series units with customized clamping voltages for specific applications.  All units are handmade and undergo a rigorous nine step test in America before shipping.


Maxivolt WS Surge Protector Typical Applications Benefits


WS 1500

WS 2500

WS 3600

WS 4160

WS Custom



1000-4160 VAC

  • Protects motors from all voltage spikes/surges
  • Reduces motor rewinds and maintenance
  • Extends motor life
Contact our Milwaukee electricians with any questions on surge protectors or other electrical products: 262-628-4055.

Milwaukee Electrical Contractor Info:

Curt Ayer is a Milwaukee electrical contractor possessing certifications from the following State of Wisconsin Licensing Departments:

  • Master Electrician
  • Commercial Electrical Inspector

These certifications allow Ayer Electric to obtain both electrical and building permits for our projects. Our full time employees are all qualified as project supervisors, and can handle any type of project from 2 hours to 2 years in length.

Our focus is finding ways to make existing installations perform to their maximum capacity for the building owner, maintaining electrical systems to obtain greater longevity and helping our customers plan for their future needs. Ayer Electric specializes in providing top-notch Milwaukee surge protection services.

Milwaukee Commercial Electrical Services:

  • Commercial Property Electrical System Maintenance and Repairs
  • Commercial & Retail Electrical Wiring 
  • Parking Lot Lighting Installation and Service

Milwaukee Industrial Electrical Services:

  • Industrial Wiring
  • Industrial Machine Wiring


Maxivolt Surge Protectors

The Maxivolt three phase industrial surge protectors keep your machinery on three phase power sources running and performing optimally. Maxivolt commercial, industrial and residential surge protectors are handmade in Amarillo, Texas. Contact Ayer Electric for more information on Maxivolt industrial surge protection units.

Lutron Light Controls

Lutron is the light control manufacturer trusted for high quality light control products in places as prestigious as the White House and Windsor Castle. Lutron light control products range from single light dimmers to complete commercial/industrial light management systems controlling entire building complexes. Our most popular system is RadioRA2 which offers simple, elegant, clearly labeled scene controls, automated exterior lighting, HVAC controls, custom colored switches and wallplates to match your building's decor, integration with your alarm or other control systems, iPod, iPad and iPhone control and much more.

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